Seeking a freelance front-end web developer for project work

Are you curious, eager to learn and keen to keep pace with current web development practices?

Do you have experience building, modifying, transitioning and maintaining WordPress sites?

Are you a freelancer seeking project work for organizations on a mission to better the world?

Do you enjoy providing technical support and expertise as part of a well-thought out plan and strategy?

If you’re nodding your head, you may be the front-end web developer for Jocelyn Wagner Communications!

About Jocelyn Wagner Communications: Founded in 2011, Jocelyn Wagner Communications is a freelance communications team for small- and medium-sized organizations in British Columbia, offering a breadth of services including audits and advice, planning and research, implementation, channel management, and content creation. Types of clients and projects include:

  • Education and training for church leaders
  • Cooking courses for corporate groups
  • Networking events for camping professionals
  • Spiritual practices for Millennials
  • Outdoor expeditions for urban artists
  • Documentary films for environmental advocates

Jocelyn Wagner Communications is owned and operated by me, Jocelyn Wagner, a communications strategist passionate about building community (or, as Seth Godin calls them, “tribes!”) From events to websites, social media to collateral design, I work with other passionate contractors such as web developers, graphic designers, videographers, social media/community organizers and bloggers to produce personal, relevant communication for mission-based organizations, resulting in authentic brands and loyal audiences.

Projects you’ll work on:

  • Most projects involve the building of new WordPress websites for a new or existing brand, or redeveloping existing WordPress websites by salvaging content and applying a new theme.
  • Other projects involve updating layout, functionality, content and aesthetics of existing sites.
  • Each project and its budget are different. The web developer will be briefed on the project and asked for an estimate of time and fee, either flat rate or hourly depending on the task.
  • I will be your main point for all projects. It is unlikely you will have direct contact with the end client, though this may vary depending on the nature of the project.
  • The end client will own all intellectual rights to the finished project, however I can negotiate use of the project for the web developer’s portfolio, should they wish.
  • Payments are made by cheque or e-transfer. At times, it may be arranged for the web developer be paid directly by the end client.


  • Help identify content, function and aesthetic criteria of new or revamped WordPress websites of new or existing brands
  • Research and recommend appropriate WordPress themes based on identified criteria
  • Install and modify themes based on brand, function and layout objectives, and communication goals
  • Test functionality, aesthetics and responsiveness on multiple browsers or using testing tools
  • Manage API integrations
  • Set up sites for Google Analytics and SEO
  • Curious and eager to learn and keep pace with current web development practices

Competencies with:

  • WordPress content management system
  • Basic communication/graphic design principles (you will not be expected to build graphics but you will be expected to communicate with a designer, providing specs, giving feedback for effective layout, etc. Some knowledge and use of Photoshop and/or Illustrator would be helpful)
  • Application security (e.g. how to work with ReCAPTCHA or the equivalent; stays up-to-date with security options and can recommend solutions)
  • Choosing a hosting company (e.g. Green Geeks) and helping establish accounts (e.g. securing domain name and delegating name service for the domain)
  • Basic front-end languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and frameworks, and understand standards of old (HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1) as well as new (HTML5 and CSS3)
  • Principles of responsive design with CSS

Please email me at with a note of interest, overview of experience and links to examples of your work. And don’t hesitate to ask questions!