About Jocelyn

_RLP1223Strategy and Implementation had a baby. They named her Jocelyn and raised her alongside Curiosity.

She’s friendly, welcoming, and happy meeting people of all ages and from all places.

She looks all situations straight in the eye with a smile.

She listens when people speak and asks meaningful questions to learn more.

And when she makes a connection, she keeps it. She’ll use the newest and oldest means available. (Check out her collection of snail mail cards. And her blog, if that’s more your thing.)

DSC_0017Jocelyn is resourceful, resilient, organized, confident, and creative. She can move her thinking from 30,000-feet to two feet in a moment:

Need to talk long-term, big-picture, how-to-grow-the-business? She’s your planner. 

Need copy written for the website, stickers designed for a monthly event, or a video produced to explain your company? She’s your coordinator.

IMG_0968Call her a community manager or business administrator, a designer or an organizer – whatever title you give her, what’s common is her ability to communicate effectively. 

She’s skilled in writing, illustration, documentation, and follow-through. She trusts the process, has faith in being flexible, and believes in her teammates to allow work to be a living, evolving thing.

Her current mantra: You can’t get it wrong, but if you truly want it, you must give it your all.


Today, Jocelyn uses her gifts to support businesses and organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to established service providers.

As a freelance contractor, she builds teams and plugs into existing ones, gives support without hesitation, and gains buy-in.

Here are a few words from her teammates and clients:

Jocelyn’s capacity to catch on right away and then to act as a communications consultant is remarkable. I can see how valuable she could be to all kinds of inter-relational situations in our various levels of organization.
— Tim Scorer, Spiritual Director

Jocelyn brings incredible energy, creativity and compassion to her work. She is an excellent communicator using her shared leadership style to engage and collaborate with others to put ideas into action. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.
— Alexa Pitoulis, Managing Director at OpenMedia.ca and member of Community Catalysts

Jocelyn is not only an excellent consultant for business strategy, she is also warm, friendly and personable. She asks illuminating questions that get at the core values and goals of your business, and helps those values and goals shine through in their practical execution, by coming up with ideas, encouraging seedlings of creativity, and connecting individuals who share similar visions. She is honest and direct, giving realistic feedback about business ideas and their probably success and outcome. She has a very level head on her shoulders, and I know she will be an integral part of any business planning process I have in the future.
— Lana Friesen, Founder of Silhouesque and Glamouratti Dance Troupe

Jocelyn’s ability to hear information, adapt it and share it with others in a way that motivates them to get engaged is amazing and greatly appreciated.
— Katie Miesle, Former Chair, Association for Experiential Education Northwest

“I always thought I’d have to make do with a website I built myself — a daunting prospect for me since I don’t know the first thing about website development. Jocelyn took the time to understand my goals, my vision and my capabilities for managing my own site. She helped guide me in creating concise and compelling content that worked for all my different clients. She was great at breaking down the process into manageable steps that were easy to understand and delivered results that really fit my vision for the website. And I loved working with a fellow ‘creative’- the final site embodies my artistic preference. I am very pleased!”
— Caroline Buttery, Creative Arts Specialist & Fine Artist, carolinebuttery.ca

Working with Jocelyn was easy and very informative. In just a few hours, she clearly identified my campaign goals and my constituents needs, and turned around the next day with several design options for my campaign poster. The design we selected resulted in ten straight election wins! How’s that for successful communication?
— Arry Dhillon, Former Member, Simon Fraser University Board of Governors

Jocelyn is incredibly hardworking, and doesn’t stop until she gets the job done right. Open to collaboration and suggestions, she allows the best final product to come into being.
— Christi Dos Santos, Former Editor, InContext Magazine

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