The Modern Vancouver Family House Hunt

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Role: Campaign Director

In May 2012, my ‘modern’ family of 6 adults found ourselves on a mission to find a new home in the city we had all lived for nearly five years. But we faced incredible opposition to our age and numbers. Property managers met us and loved us but landlords were distant and insisted they wanted a “family” — that is, a two-income, two-child traditional family. In efforts to overcome this stereotype, and to meet the invisible landlords, I took to my blog and began a social media campaign to find us a home.

Using eye catching graphics and compelling storytelling (in partnership with my public relations co-director and housemate, Natalie Burgwin), we pushed our campaign through Facebook and Twitter, attracting the attention of hundreds of friends and connections. We even gained the attention of local media: CTV British Columbia’s Steele on Your Side and CKNW’s The Bill Good Show

The result? Our network delivered a home to us in four days. Through a convoluted family connection, we met the homeowner of a 100-year old property in Point Grey that fit all our needs. Although she showed the house to one other family, she had seen our blog and was quickly convinced upon meeting us that our age didn’t matter. It was our combined personalities and strong desire to turn her large, beautiful house into a home that convinced her that our family was the right choice.

We moved in on June 1. And we celebrate this achievement — our home — everyday.

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