Today its Facebook and video. Yesterday it was PowerPoint and direct mail. Tomorrow it could be pop-up events and collaborative art installations.

The medium of your communication is just one part of the equation for effective communication. And because mediums and audience preferences are always changing, so must you and your messages.

Your goal is to stay relevant through these changes, which means making your communication as fluid, intuitive and sustainable for your organization as possible. And it sure would be nice to see a return on your time and money!

If you share this goal, Jocelyn Wagner Communications can help you.

Strategic Visioning & Planning

  • Facilitate visioning, value identification, goal-setting and tactical plans
  • Assessment and review of business plans using a communication and marketing perspective
  • Design communication plans to ensure proper brand management and use of ‘voice’
  • Identification of short-term and long-term communication and marketing goals

Training & Coaching

  • Guidance and instruction on topics related to offered services, including tech support, design and branding advice, marketing consultation, and audience engagement
  • Delivered in formats suitable to the client’s needs (e.g. in person or using the Internet, e.g. Google Hangout or Skype

Information & Content Management

  • Gathering, managing, disseminating, and leveraging of all types of information assets within and outside an organization
  • Development and management of all information assets: databases, common documents and e-mail, digital assets, records, contracts and Web pages
  • Development of fresh, engaging content and a content production calendar
  • Solicit, manage, analyze and utilize audience feedback
  • Delivery of content using all marketing channels, including:
    • New media: Websites, social media, e-newsletters, videocasts and podcasts
    • Traditional media: In-person networking, speaking events, print advertising
  • Solicit, manage, analyze and utilize audience feedback

Web Development & Design

  • Information architecture and navigation design
  • Integration with marketing and communications plan for events, businesses, and non-profits
  • Select and manage Content Management Systems
  • Provide appropriate functionality based on client and audience needs assessment

Writing & Editing

  • Development of written content in all styles:
    • E-newsletters, including layout and formatting
    • Advertising, including sales pitches and ad copy
    • Promotional, including news releases and earned media pitches
    • Blogging, including content calendar planning
    • Research & Reports, including analysis
  • Substantive editing, copyediting and proofreading, including typesetting

Graphic & Document Design

  • Design and setup of e-newsletter template
  • Design and layout of ads, rate cards and media kits
  • Design and development of information documents
  • Design and development of interactive forms
  • Design and development of marketing collateral including advertisements, rate cards, promotional posters, media kits and information packages
  • Original logo design

Audio Visual Content Production

  • Story and message design
  • Production coordination and management
  • Delivery in accessible mediums based on the needs of the client and the client’s audience
  • Ask me about my current passion project involving family aural storytelling!

Marketing, Public Relations & Promotion

  • Development of goals, strategies and tactics to meet client’s needs
  • Pitching, management, liaison services, wrangling, and coordination services
  • Utilization of online and in-person marketing, PR and promotional tactics
  • Post-event support including report writing, feedback analysis and planning

Administrative Support

  • Updates to Google Doc tracking sheets
  • Sending artwork reminders
  • Creating and distributing invoices
  • Distribution of e-newsletters
  • MailChimp list management
  • Other administrative tasks related to the implementation of projects and tasks

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